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Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japanese leading hot-spring resorts.

The quality of its spring water which flows from one of the countrys three major springs - is widely known. Centered around Yubatake (the symbol of Kusatsus abundant hot water), visitors can experience a variety of baths free of charge. Meanwhile, the surrounding streets of the onsen quarter are lined with traditional-style Japanese hotels and gift shops. For those wishing to take a break from the hectic pace of modern life, Kusatsu Onsen is the ideal way to experience the soothing tranquility of traditional Japan.

Just a three-minute walk from Yubatake, Boun Hotel boasts a selection of Kakenagashi baths (which are constantly supplied with fresh hot-spring water) as well as a beautiful rhododendron garden. We also have rooms with private open-air baths. Over the years, various noted writers and academics have been drawn to this place. We would now like to invite you to discover the rejuvenating serenity of Kusatsu Onsen Boun for yourself.

Notice concerning the Eruption of Mt.kusatsu-Motoshirane
There was no damage from the Eruption in Kusatsu Town. Our hotel open as usual. →The official announcement from Kusatsu Town
Announcement for removing smoking rooms
Please kindly accept our announcement that there will be all non-smoking rooms throughout our hotel from December 1, 2017.
Please use a designated smoking area for smoking.
We would like to remove smoking rooms gradually from September 1, 2017.

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This acidic hot spring has high bactericidal properties, and is said from ancient times to cure diseases that doctors have given up on. It is recently attracting attention not just for its positive health effects, but also for maintaining beautiful skin for women. Not only that, it also promotes metabolic changes, which is ideal for those who want to lose weight. To gain maximum results and enjoy the hot spring to the fullest, it is important to pour several wash-basins-full of hot spring water before entering the tub to acclimatize your body to the temperature. Each season reveals a new face, making it seem like itfs your very first time. Experience the subtle Japanese beauty.


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Enjoy the luxury of bathing pleasure in your own roomc A private open-air kakenagashi-type bath with natural hot spring water (from Sai-no-Kawara spring source). In a spacious atmosphere that leads into the garden, forget your worries and enjoy immersing yourself in the comfort of abundant hot spring water. A moment of luxury with no interruptions.


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Eating meals prepared Japanese-style is one of the most memorable moments of staying in a Japanese-style hotel. We use delicacies and seasonal ingredients of the Kusatsu region and prepare each dish with special care and attention. We take 4 to 5 trips to deliver the dishes so that you can eat warm and cold dishes at their best temperatures.

*The menu may change, according to the season.