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Private Dinning Room Unrei

Private Dinning Room 'Unrei'

Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop

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Colorful rental yukata

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Common Room

Common Room

Foot Massages

Takeyama-Style Foot Massages Aroma Oil Massages - Foot Massages-

Our foot massage combines the best of Western-style (soft touch) and Eastern-style (stimulation of pressure points, strength, painful) massages.
By stimulating the "reflex points" that connect throughout your body in the soles of your feet, it improves the flow of your blood and lymph, and enhances your body's natural healing power.

Takeyama-Style Manipulative Treatment - Oriental Style- Chiropractic Therapy

Our manipulative treatment focuses on unwinding the stress of body.
Relax your stiff shoulders, backache, and tired eyes.

A combination of "manipulative treatment + foot massage" is also available.
Feel free to ask for more information.

Having it done after warming your body up at a hot spring improves the effect of the treatment.
We can adjust the strength of pressure upon request.

[Business Hours]
3:00 PM - 12:00 AM

[Treatment Location]
Main Building 2F
*You can also receive this service in your room. (Please read the following statements.)
・The bed in the foot massage area is exclusively used for treatments, making your massage much more effective.
We recommend getting your treatment at the foot massage area.
・We cannot provide food massage as we cannot use aroma oil in your room.

Ext. 201 (open until 11 PM)

Facials & Body Treatments

Facials & Body Treatments - Iyashi Dokoro "Nagomi" -
"The moments of bliss at the hot springs and the beauty salon..."

Advance Reservation Discount

  • Book a treatment at least seven days before arrival to get a 1,000 yen discount.
    (Only applies to 60+ minute courses)
  • When making a reservation, choose your "treatment" and "treatment start time" from the menu below.
  • You cannot combine this discount with any other discounts.
  • If you would like a massage for two at the same time, please ask.


All menu items are available to only women.


A high-quality skin care oil made of a condensed plant essence is gently massaged into the skin, giving you not only lively, shining skin, but a pleasant scent, as well. (Choose from five types of aroma oil)

・Lymph facial & lifting massage

  • Facial

・Aroma Body

Using our high-quality aroma oil, we will loosen your back, shoulders, neck, and head of stiffness and tension.

・Aroma Trial

  • Facial (Cleansing / Treatment / Mask / Finish)
  • Body (Back / Hips / Knees or Neck)

・Luxurious Combination Course

  • Facial
  • Facial
  • Facial

・Option (Additions) Menu

  1. Facial Treatment (no cleansing)
  2. Facial Keratin Care Finish (no cleansing)
  3. Head Treatment (no oil)
  4. Hand Treatment

*Displayed prices do not include tax.

Reservations and Inquiries

[Business Hours] 3:00 PM - 11:30 PM (reservations accepted until 10:30 PM)
[Location] At the souvenir place next to the front desk, above the stairs to the left
[Closed] Every Wednesday