Official site benefit

Guests who make a reservation from this website can receive a reservation benefit for each person in their group.
These benefit options are also available when making a reservation by telephone.
Please inform us when making your reservation if you wish to claim one of the following benefits.

Draft beer

Draft beer

One glass of Pilsner per person.

Kusatsu mini wine bottle (180ml)

Kusatsu mini wine bottle(180ml)

One bottle per person (when having dinner or a party). Please choose from red, white or rose.

Colorful rental yukata

Colorful rental yukata

One set per person (women only). There are about 100 variations of yukata design.

Other Benefits

Boun original cold sake

One bottle for 2 people (when having dinner or a party).

Morning coffee

One cup of coffee per person. At the "Lounge Tsuyukusa" (7:30am – 10:00am)

Soft drink

(Orange-drink, soda pop , cola, oolong tea)

One bottle per person (when having dinner or a party).